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Pilates – The Benefits

Have you been going to other exercise classes in and want to try something different? Do you suffer from a bad back and need to find an answer? Read this article to find out about the 10 benefits of Pilates.

Benefits of Pilates 1: Pilates Creates a Strong CoreWhat is Pilates? {city} {state} {zip}
By careful training and precise control over the smaller muscles in the lower abdominal region and lower back region Pilates is able to improve your core stability. This can result in better control of the small spinal joints during movement of the spine and better control of the pelvis and hip regions. This can have many beneficial effects including improving pelvic stability, lower back pain reduction, better control of the bladder and stronger pelvic floor muscles.

Benefits of Pilates 2: Pilates improves relaxation
By slowing down movement to help improve core stability Pilates also has the effect of inducing a deeply relaxed state that can add to the euphoria attached to doing a well taught Pilates class. Classes are often small and no more than 5/6 people with a slow tempo and a relaxed atmosphere adding to the relaxation process during the class.

Benefits of Pilates 3: Improve your Posture with Pilates
It has been demonstrated and recommended for a long time by health care practitioners that Pilates benefits your overall feeling of well-being but also can help in most cases to improve your posture. Pilates is often recommended by our experts to help improve overall posture and reduce muscle imbalance. The type of Pilates that we recommend needs to be precise and guided by fully qualified practitioners who have valuable years of experience and understand or work very closely with therapists to understand the workings of the human body.

Benefits of Pilates 4: Improve your Athletic Performance with Pilates
At Perfect Balance Clinic our Physiotherapists and Rehab expert’s use some Pilates based exercises to allow them to optimise athletic performance and help speed up post event recovery allowing for a speedy return to sport and athletic performance. We work with Gold Medal winning athletes as an intrinsic part of their athletic programme to help reduce injury occurrence, under the guidance of their coaches and therapists.

Benefits of Pilates 5; Improve your co-ordination in a What is Pilates  class
When you are taught Pilates in a controlled environment you soon develop a heightened awareness of your body. Whether that be your neck, shoulders or legs, they are all used to improve your body awareness thus heightening the feedback on a neurological level to your brain and allowing for development of a better co-ordinated individual. Pilates movements should be slow and almost dance like allowing for a deeper level of interpretation by your brain and nervous system. The movements are often repeated allowing for a rehearsal of the positions, which results in better integration into normal daily movements.

What Is Pilates Mat

Benefits of Pilates 6: Better alignment with Pilates
We often see people who are referred to Pilates after having spinal surgery. You have to wonder if some surgery could be avoided by proper spinal alignment and training of the spinal stabilising muscles. We often never get to find out. We do therefore recommend that people try at least a short course of Pilates based exercise to allow them to regain some control over their spinal musculature and develop better alignment of their spines. Classic examples of people who could do with Pilates are those with one shoulder higher than the other, or they’ve been told they have one leg longer than the other.Pilates Class {city} {state} {zip}

Benefits of Pilates 7: Vastly Improved Concentration with Pilates
Because Pilates is very slow, precise and controlled it is important that you concentrate lots during the sessions. This we are told improves peoples levels of concentration as they almost reach a meditative state allowing them to not only excel in Pilates but also excel in their activities of daily living.

Benefits of Pilates 8: Better Stamina Levels with Pilates
Due to the long duration of the classes and the intensity that people often work at during them, it is inevitable that stamina improves as a result of this type of training. By stressing the different energy systems in the body unlike other forms of exercise Pilates is responsible for better utilization of oxygen in your tissues and results in a more optimal performance based on better stamina levels. Most people find their first classes difficult and ache for a few days afterwards. This is normally a ‘good’ ache or so we have been told, which results from the start of the adaptation process to this form of exercise.

Benefits of Pilates 9: Improved breathing with Pilates
Due largely to the type of breathing that Pilates induces, it has been reported that people gain better control of their breathing after doing Pilates sessions on a regular basis. The movements in Pilates are sequenced to allow for better control of breathing and integration with bodily movements allowing for better control and an improved awareness of their breathing state.

Benefits of Pilates 10: Pilates never stops developing
Since its early conception by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century Pilates has evolved to encompass other forms of equipment and deliver a much more biomechanical and correct form of exercise. Pilates largely is focused on the above main principles and this has been taken on board with the newer more advanced varieties of Pilates. In its purest form Pilates was used for strengthening the mind and body, often this can be lost in classes as they are overcrowded and instructors are poorly qualified resulting in Pilates for the masses. Better results from Pilates can be gained from the smaller class sizes which encourage a more individualised approach and more intense work out. People do Pilates to get results.

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Pilates Basics

Pilates Basics is the foundation of exercises originally developed by Joseph H. Pilates to benefit bed-bound patients during World War I. Pilates developed a series of basic exercises designed to help patients tone and lengthen their muscles. Eventually he brought his Pilates basics to New York where he developed a loyal following.

Pilates basics are designed around helping you to get stronger, more flexible and even to have improved coordination. Pilates also uses specific sequential breathing methods combined with intense concentration on a specific body part to create an effective exercise routine. These are the basics of Pilates.

The secret to Pilates is in the powerhouse. In Pilates basics you quickly learn that the core of the body, the abdomen, is called the powerhouse. All movements are designed to work your body as an entire unit, a whole, in order to provide an exercise program that works the muscles through their full range of motion.

The rectus abdominis, the transverse abdominis, and the internal and external obliques make up the powerhouse of your body’s core. It is this combination of muscles along with the muscles of the spine that are the focus of intensity during the traditional Pilates exercises. A strong core is better able to support your body and to give you the balance and flexibility that you need.

When you are able to focus on the core muscles, you are also able to use Pilates to improve your balance, your strength, your flexibility and your coordination. With improvement in these areas you are less likely to sustain injuries. Once you have conquered the basics of Pilates and understand its benefits to your body, then you are more likely to continue to practice this art since it is clear to see the benefits of exercise such as this.PIlates Exercise Workout {city} {state} {zip}

Yes, Pilates is rather similar to yoga but there are also many distinct differences, particularly since Pilates focuses so heavily on the powerhouse and breathing combination. One of the hardest versions of Pilates to hit the market is the Winsor Pilates system designed my Mari Winsor. Mari designed her method of Pilates on the original but with a twist she calls “dynamic sequencing” which means the order in which you perform the exercises make them more effective. Mari Winsor Pilates has a very loyal and devout following.

One of the best things about Pilates is that it is gentle on the joints. For this reason it can be practiced by the majority of all folks, even those who are just getting started with a fitness routine. Many Pilates practitioners believe this form of exercise will leave you feeling better and not worse.

Pilates will leave you feeling taller, leaner, energized and confident. The breathing exercises that accompany all Pilates movements will help you to feel calmer and more centered.

If you are looking for stronger muscles, better tone and even longer and leaner muscles, then consider the Pilates basics and see if you don’t find that it works well for you too. With this basic set of specific exercises, many of those who practice Pilates find rather quickly that their body responds well to these type of exercises.

Pilates is a great form of exercise that can provide you with more strength, tone and even confidence. Funny how just a little Pilates basics can get you headed in the right physical direction.

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Pilates Program Review

I will assume that you have done Pilates class before so I imagine that you’ve used Pilates machines or other such Pilates equipment. There are a number of these machines available for the home gym. Every single Pilates machine I’ve seen, like the Pilates Reformer, is a completely self-contained workout device.

It doesn’t really matter which “brand name” of Pilates you practice, whether it’s Winsor Pilates, Malibu Pilates, or Stott Pilates, there is a pretty fair chance you’ve used one of these home machines. Perhaps you’ve even bought one for your own home gym. If you don’t have one but thought about buying one…keep on reading.

O.K., let’s get right down to it. This are my reviews of the three top selling Pilates machines available for you to purchase today. I am going to review, for your benefit, the Pilates Reformer, the Malibu Pilates Chair, and the ever popular Pilates Power Gym.

What Is Pilates Reformer

So here is the first review…the Pilates Reformer, the top dog of Pilates machines.

Pilates Reformer Review

This one is in a class by itself so the Pilates Reformer is THE best in Pilates machines, bar none. It has proven itself to consistently be the best exercise equipment of choice used by the world’s top flight Pilates instructors. I know the name sounds like some sort of torture device straight out of the Spanish Inquisition, but it is a high quality piece of equipment.

I think most people are aware that Joseph Pilates formulated the exercise system that bears his name while in a internment camp in the beginning of the 20th century. What he wanted was a complete holistic system of modern exercise. Pilates strengthens the core abdominal muscles which align and correct your postural muscles, giving you an incredible sense of health and well-being.

All you have to do is sit in the comfortable carriage of the Pilates Reformer, and using the patented pulley and spring system to push and pull your self back and forth with a progressively higher and higher level of intensity. This is a real work-out folks.

The Pilates Power GymPilates Exercises {city} {state} {zip}

If you are looking for a light weight work out machine, the Pilates Power Gym should be just the ticket. With its padded handles and straps and carbon steel structure (just like the Reformer) it’s simple and easy to operate. It’s completely adjustable for each level of fitness, including yours. At only half the size of the Pilates Reformer, the Power Gym makes sculpting and toning of you hips, calves, butt and back, not to mention firming up and adding muscle to your arms and abs, an incredibly easy process. You won’t be able to help watching yourself in your mirror to see a more fit and healthy new you!

Malibu Pilates Chair

As perhaps the smallest, most compact (and at under $350, the most affordable) Pilates machine, the Malibu Pilates chair is the new boy on the block. Like most every other piece of Pilates equipment you have to actually use it to make it effective for your own weight loss regimen. But the Malibu Pilates chair makes it simple to lose weight with the free wall chart and diet plan that is included with the initial purchase price. Although it might be difficult to believe that you can actually get a good work-out while sitting on your backside, I am here to let you know that this thing hands you an unparalleled workout in only half the space you might normally use.

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Great  Venues To Do Pilates

  Joseph Pilates started Pilates way back in the very early 1900's These types of exercise routines have been in existence for a hundred years now, and are practiced routinely by a big population. This collection of exercises emphasizes the strengthening of your core muscles and increasing flexibility, strength, concentration and assists establish the grounded centered-ness of performing a physical/spiritual practice. Pilates has the additional benefit of soothing the psyche, and stabilizing emotions. This may be because of the slow speed of the Pilates exercise routine, combined with the measured breathing. This combination of strengthening, stretching and meditating benefits the body and the soul. Where does someone practice Pilates? Pilates centers are a very good place to learn Pilates. These centers possess the tools and the trained instructors available to assist and instruct you ways to correctly do these exercise regimens. The teachers are accredited and appropriately educated in the subtleties of the exercises. They can provide personal instruction to fine tune your routine for maximum effectiveness. Having a regular schedule and someone to encourage you to arrive is helpful in turning into a regular Pilates practitioner. They will assist one get the best from your exercise time. The disadvantage of enrolling in studio time is the expense. The studio location and the trainers need to be paid for and could be fairly pricey. Another source for doing these exercises is your local YMCA or other exercise club. Some are cheaper than the private studios. Often the Y will be less personal than the private studio. Another place to do your workouts is at home. Exercising at home has certain benefits. You save the cost and time of going to the studio. You additionally save on the expense of buying the Pilates membership. You get the versatility of being able to exercise whenever it best suits your schedule. You additionally are exercising in the privacy of your own home. You spare any sort of embarrassment that you may experience by being slower or more awkward than the more seasoned practitioners. If you assemble and master the equipment and the regular regimens, you could get equally as good a workout in your home as one can at a professional center. The downside of doing your workouts at home is the lack of a teacher. You could largely offset this lack by acquiring VIDEO s of Pilates instruction. What exercises should you be doing? The exercises done on a mat, and/or with Pilates rings are the simplest and least expensive to get started with. If you do your exercises on the machines, look for DVDs the teach those routines. The most important ingredient in any Pilates formula is the motivation and discipline which gets one to the exercises consistently. Once you determine that Pilates is going to be part of your day, you are on the road to a better, centered and disciplined lifestyle.