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Pilates Myths Debunked

Few people know the truth about Pilates in Marlette, MI 48453. They don’t know it began as a rehabilitation program for injured soldiers during

Pilates ReformerMarlette Michigan 48453

World War I. They don’t know Joseph Pilates was a boxer. They don’t realize that strengthening the “core” muscle group can improve their golf swing.

Pilates reformer

The truth is that Pilates allows golfers to hit the ball farther and straighter by increasing core strength, flexibility, stability, balance, posture, alignment and coordination. Unfortunately, many athletes dismiss Pilates as a recent fad, a fancy stretching routine, or “something for ballet dancers.”

Myth: Pilates was developed for dancers.

Joseph Pilates was a boxer and gymnast. His theories about how the body moves were first developed in World War One at a prisoner of war camp where he served as a medic. He began putting his theories into practice by attaching springs to the hospital beds to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers.

Pilates Reformer Equipment in Marlette

Today, Pilates equipment, such as the Pilates Reformer,  still uses springs for resistance. When Joseph moved to New York City, dancers were naturally drawn to his rehabilitative and preventative techniques due to the high number of injuries they sustain.

Myth: Pilates is a recent fad

Joseph Pilates first developed his philosophy and technique for movement in the 1920’s and 1930’s, refining his method until his death in 1967. It was not until the 1990’s that Pilates grew in popularity. Hollywood stars and celebrities discovered that the exercises resulted in the coveted long, lean shape and their enthusiasm launched Pilates into the national spotlight.

Myth: Pilates is a fancy word for stretching

Pilates is so much more than just stretching. The exercises develop overall body strength and flexibility simultaneously, which results in the long lean muscles of a Tiger Woods.Pilates Reformer Machine Marlette Michigan 48453

Flexibility was a pretty radical idea in the early 20th century! But Pilates saw that long, lean muscles were less prone to injury and tears. Tight muscles also pull on the spinal structure causing neck and back pain.

Joseph Pilates believed in efficiency. Pilates techniques build strength and flexibility simultaneously. For each strengthening movement, there is a corresponding stretch. These aren’t your typical stretches either. The movements that Pilates developed incorporate flowing, dynamic stretches. Most people new to Pilates don’t even realize how much they are stretching until they start to see (and feel) the results of increased mobility.

Myth: Pilates is just like every other ab workout.

The Pilates techniques build a strong core, especially the deepest abdominal muscles under the “6-pack abs that are used for stabilization.” Joseph Pilates believed that every movement we do is generated first from the core or abdominal muscles. So when new students ask, “How many core exercises are there?” the answer is, “All of them”.

Crunches and sit ups develop the large outer muscles such as the Rectus abdominis that gives you the “six pack abs” look. Pilates goes deeper to work not only the surface muscles, but the deeper abdominal muscles as well.

Pilates Reformer Machine

These deep muscles, such as the Transverse Abdominus, allow us to stand upright. They give stability to the spine and pelvic girdle – an essential element in hitting a golf ball straighter.

Many exercises do not isolate the abdominals effectively. Athletes using their quads to get through their crunch sets will be in for a surprise with Pilates. When the Pilates equipment isolates the abs from the quads, many people are shocked to find they cannot get up!

Myth: Pilates is a group of special exercises.

Pilates is not a hodge-podge of exercises. Even specific exercises that Joseph invented, such as The Hundreds, are not Pilates if his techniques are not used.

Pilates is a technique for efficient, natural and pain-free movement.

Golf-specific Pilates exercises are possible because they utilize the Pilates method. It is even possible to train hard-core gym rats to lift weights (if they must!) utilizing the Pilates technique to achieve better, safer results.

Pilates affects the way you move in life and on the golf course. It affects the way you walk the course, the way you swing, and the way you putt. It even applies when you sit to watch the Golf Channel or surf the web for the latest golf gadget.

With practice, the body will eventually naturally move in the Pilates technique without the practitioner even thinking about it. My husband and I often hike in the Rockies and he will ask how I can keep my abs engaged for miles with elevation gain. The answer is that I don’t even think about it. It is how I always walk!

Myth: Pilates needs special equipment.

The Pilates equipment is great since it offers built-in resistance. However, you can achieve the same benefits using a ball, foam roller, Theraband and Magic Circle. There is even a new Hole in One Pilates exercise chair that fits in the same space as an easy chair.

Myth: Pilates is not really “working out”.

USA Today August 18, 2003
Schilling, the Arizona Diamondbacks star pitcher, agrees. “The first three weeks, I was really disappointed,” says Schilling, who incorporated Pilates into his off-season training program last winter. “I wasn’t sweating. I wasn’t winded, which is what I associate with true exercise.Pilates Reformer Class Marlette Michigan 48453
“Then in the fourth week I started to understand the Pilates terminology, the idea of working from your center. By the third month I was more powerful and flexible than ever before. And I’d lost 15 pounds.”
Curt’s experience illustrates several facts. First, in Pilates we must re-learn how to move. The beginner exercises are easy because you are laying the foundation for more difficult work.

Second, Pilates does not work the muscles to exhaustion. This means you can practice Pilates every day. Pilates focuses on precise, controlled, perfect movements rather than endless, exhausting mind-numbing exercises.

Third, in Pilates we work the very deep muscles and work to the surface groups. So you may not feel something. At first. But as Curt explained, the results over time are significant.

Myth: Pilates is “something like yoga”.

Joseph Pilates was influenced by yoga, as well as other movement styles such as martial arts, Tai Chi, boxing, and calisthenics. Like yoga, Pilates develops strength and flexibility.

Pilates differs from yoga in many ways. In many types of yoga one “holds a pose”. In Pilates you do not usually hold a position, but rather move through it.

Traditionally, Yoga does not emphasize core strengthening to the degree Pilates either. Some contemporary Yoga classes do place more emphasis on the core, possibly as a result of Pilates influence.

Pilates does not come from a spiritual tradition. Many people find it is great stress relief, because Pilates requires thoughtful motion rather than mindless repetition. One of Joseph’s concepts is to execute every motion with focus and intent, something you often hear about hitting a golf ball!

Myth: Pilates is hard for men.

Anything new may be difficult for a body when we start working in a different way. Guys will say, “I can’t do Pilates because I’m not flexible!” Beginner Pilates work allows you to become more flexible.

I get a lot of good comments about our DVD because next to the Gumby-like Pilates instructor is a real golfer. As one client put it, “Your DVD has guys that look like me!”

Truth: Pilates will help my golf game

Any Pilates will help improve your golf game. Hole in One Pilates, developed with Butch Harmon, even includes specific exercises to increase rotation and target tightness caused by the swing.

As Joseph Pilates used to say, “In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty sessions you will see the difference, and in thirty sessions you will have a whole new body!”

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Pilates Machine And Winsor Pilates Equipment

There is no doubt that many people in this world, in Marlette,  want to change their body and look better. In fact this simple fact has driven the fitness industry to a multi-billion dollar industry filled with fitness machines and equipment.

Using Pilates is one answer to those who are looking to change their body to look better. But better yet with using Pilates you will get much more than just improving your body you will also improve your overall lifestyle.

To get started with Pilates there is not a requirement for a Pilates Machine or equipment although as you advance with Pilates you will definitely want to ensure you use a Pilates machine and the several forms of Pilates equipment.

The goal of this article will be to cover some of the more popular types of Pilates equipment and the main Pilates Machine a Pilates reformer.

Pilates Machine Reformer

The main Pilates machine used with the Winsor Pilates method is the Pilates reformer. The goal of the Pilates Reformer machine is to provide a comprehensive total-body workout. A Pilates machine can address every muscle group with 32 exercises; and folds up to for easy storage.

Stott Pilates Reformer

A good Pilates reformer will offer several levels of resistance. Expect somewhere around 4 or 5 total levels so that as you advance with Pilates you will increase the level of resistance. These Pilates Machines can come with a wood base and some of the top of the line reformers have patented Aero Pilates cardio/strength combo built in.Pilates Reformer Marlette Michigan 48453

Pilates Ball

Pilates balls come in many forms, with the main goal of providing a low impact workout. You will see the more advanced Pilates balls typically around 22 inches with Pilates rings and adjustable tubing. Essentially these Pilates balls have the elastic resistance bands so that you can workout in both your mid section and upper body.

Pilates Rings And Pilates Circles

Pilates rings (sometimes known as Pilates circles) stem from the original Pilates workout designed by Joseph Pilates. Basically these Pilate rings are an elastic rubber and allow you to get a total body workout with resistance. Pilate rings are great for traveling or in home workouts because they are small and compact.

A good Pilates ring will consist of flexible plastic and a soft rubberized shell. The ring should have padded handles both inside and outside and provide leveling resistance between a 3 and 4 band ring circle.

Overall the above Pilates machine and equipment provide a good overview of some of the more popular Pilates items used with training. The Pilate machine or equipment is not required to get started with Pilates, but as you advance with Pilates you may want to consider a few of the items. Winsor Pilates is revolutionary workout which can provide you a brand new lifestyle. If you are considering a fitness program I highly recommend you give Winsor Pilates a try.

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Pilates Equipment Review

I will assume that you have done Pilates class before so I imagine that you’ve used Pilates machines or other such Pilates equipment. There are a number of these machines available for the home gym. Every single Pilates machine I’ve seen, like the Pilates Reformer, is a completely self-contained workout device.

It doesn’t really matter which “brand name” of Pilates you practice, whether it’s Winsor Pilates, Malibu Pilates, or Stott Pilates, there is a pretty fair chance you’ve used one of these home machines. Perhaps you’ve even bought one for your own home gym. If you don’t have one but thought about buying one…keep on reading.

O.K., let’s get right down to it. This are my reviews of the three top selling Pilates machines available for you to purchase today. I am going to review, for your benefit, the Pilates Reformer, the Malibu Pilates Chair, and the ever popular Pilates Power Gym.

So here is the first review…the Pilates Reformer, the top dog of Pilates machines.

Pilates Reformer Review

This one is in a class by itself so the Pilates Reformer is THE best in Pilates machines, bar none. It has proven itself to consistently be the best exercise equipment of choice used by the world’s top flight Pilates instructors. I know the name sounds like some sort of torture device straight out of the Spanish Inquisition, but it is a high quality piece of equipment.

I think most people are aware that Joseph Pilates formulated the exercise system that bears his name while in a internment camp in the beginning of the 20th century. What he wanted was a complete holistic system of modern exercise. Pilates strengthens the core abdominal muscles which align and correct your postural muscles, giving you an incredible sense of health and well-being.

Peak Pilates Reformer

All you have to do is sit in the comfortable carriage of the Pilates Reformer, and using the patented pulley and spring system to push and pull your self back and forth with a progressively higher and higher level of intensity. This is a real work-out folks.

The Pilates Power GymPilates Moves Marlette Michigan 48453

If you are looking for a light weight work out machine, the Pilates Power Gym should be just the ticket. With its padded handles and straps and carbon steel structure (just like the Reformer) it’s simple and easy to operate. It’s completely adjustable for each level of fitness, including yours. At only half the size of the Pilates Reformer, the Power Gym makes sculpting and toning of you hips, calves, butt and back, not to mention firming up and adding muscle to your arms and abs, an incredibly easy process. You won’t be able to help watching yourself in your mirror to see a more fit and healthy new you!

Malibu Pilates Chair

As perhaps the smallest, most compact (and at under $350, the most affordable) Pilates machine, the Malibu Pilates chair is the new boy on the block. Like most every other piece of Pilates equipment you have to actually use it to make it effective for your own weight loss regimen. But the Malibu Pilates chair makes it simple to lose weight with the free wall chart and diet plan that is included with the initial purchase price. Although it might be difficult to believe that you can actually get a good work-out while sitting on your backside, I am here to let you know that this thing hands you an unparalleled workout in only half the space you might normally use.

Whichever Pilates machine you decide to purchase in Marlette 48453, you know you just can’t go wrong…as long as you actually use it to lose all the weight you want and not just as a clothes line. Be prepared for a whole new and wonderful you! Get a Pilates machine today.

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Prime  LocationsPlaces To Do Pilates

  Joseph Pilates established Pilates way back in the very early 1900's These types of exercises have been around for a hundred years now, and also are practiced consistently by a large community. This collection of exercises emphasizes the conditioning of your core muscles and improving flexibility, strength, focus and assists establish the grounded centered-ness of doing a physical/spiritual practice. Pilates has the added reward of soothing the mind, and stabilizing mood. This may be due to the slow speed of the Pilates exercise routine, integrated with the controlled respiration. This combo of strengthening, meditating and stretching benefits the soul and the body. Where does one practice Pilates? Pilates centers are a terrific place to train in Pilates. These studios possess the equipment and the qualified instructors available to assist and teach you ways to properly do these workout routines. The instructors are accredited and appropriately trained in the subtleties of the exercises. They can provide personal instruction to fine tune your program for optimal performance. Having a consistent schedule and somebody to encourage you to show up is beneficial in turning into a regular Pilates practitioner. They will help one get the most out of your exercise time. The downside of enrolling in studio time is the cost. The workshop space and the coaches have to be paid for and could be pretty expensive. Another source for doing these exercises is your local YMCA or other exercise club. Some are cheaper than the private studios. Often the Y will be less personal than the private studio. Another place to do your exercises is at home. You also are exercising in the privacy of your own home. If you learn the equipment and assemble and the regular routines, you can get just as good a workout at home as you can at a professional studio. The downside of doing your exercises in your house is the lack of an instructor. You can mainly offset this lack by obtaining DVD s of Pilates instruction. What exercises should you be doing? The exercises done on a mat, and/or with Pilates rings are the simplest and least expensive to get started with. If you do your exercises on the machines, look for DVDs the teach those routines. One of the most essential component in any Pilates formula is the incentive and willpower that gets one to the workouts consistently. When you decide that Pilates is going to be part of your day, you are on the way to a more healthy, disciplined and centered lifestyle.

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